Baby Steps – A Gentle Introduction to Baby Modelling

Most parents must have considered putting their beautiful baby forward for modelling – after all, who wouldn’t love to see their little one part of something big?

From newborn modelling to toddler modelling, tiny tots are in high demand for all sorts of projects these days.

Our bouncing bundles of joy are the stars of photoshoots for baby fashion and filming sessions for baby food, health products and equipment.

In addition, baby modelling is a key part of all sorts of lifestyle and commercial work – our little darlings often appear in family campaigns for everything from holidays to insurance.

In fact, at Models Direct, we have clients from all industries frequently asking us whether we can supply models from newborn up to the age of two.

Just some of the big names we have sourced model babies for include Early Learning Centre, Pampers, Mamas & Papas and Actimel.

So, for parents who have considered it in the past – or for mothers and fathers who haven’t thought about it before but now might like to – here are nine baby steps to take….

1. Think about whether your baby is suitable for modelling – is he or she usually smiley, contented and sociable?

2. Consider whether you would enjoy being part of the experience, taking your little one along to an assignment and working with the crew to get the best from your baby.

3. Mull over whether you’d like to earn a little extra income – perhaps to put towards a family treat or something special for your baby when he or she is older.

4. Then take some photos of your baby – these don’t have to be professional, but make sure they are well lit, clear and not taken against a cluttered background.

5. Fill in our application form and upload the photos of your baby so we can see just how beautiful he or she is for ourselves!

6. If your baby is chosen for an assignment, then you can decide whether or not you want to accept it.

7. If you do accept it, we will explain the whole process clearly; organise everything for you and reassure you on just how well looked after you and your baby will be.

8. Once on the assignment, you and your baby are likely to have a great time – and afterwards you can tell us all about it.

9. The key to continued success is then to keep updating your little one’s pictures so we can see how they are growing and changing.