Ahead of the curve – the benefits of plus-size modelling

Plus-size modelling is big business today – and quite rightly so!

The world is finally recognising that most women aren’t a size 6 or 8 and that most men do not have six packs.

We are all individuals and the world of campaigns and advertising now needs models of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds that all of us can identify with.

Plus-size models are therefore often requested by high numbers of our clients to take on a variety of assignments – read on to find out more…

These range from general lifestyle and commercial work to the promotion of clothing and other ranges specifically aimed at the curvy or larger consumer.

So, when considering whether you might make a great plus-size model, why not run through the checklist below?

You may find you tick more boxes than you first imagined – and you might discover you have an exciting career or pastime ahead of you!

1. If you are a woman considering modelling, are you a size 12 to 20+?

2. If you are a man, do you tend to dress in XL or XXL clothing?

3. Are you comfortable and content with your body image?

4. Are you a confident individual who would be happy in front of a camera?

5. Do you enjoy socialising and meeting new people?

6. Would you describe yourself as bubbly and fun-loving?

7. Could you be reliable and prompt when it comes to arriving at bookings?

8. Do you think you would be able to follow instructions on set?

9. Are you open to new experiences and possibly travelling?

10.  Would you like to earn some extra money?

If you have answered “yes” to all the above questions, then contact us and take that first step towards plus-size modelling.

Remember, Models Direct is a reputable modelling agency, with years of experience in the commercial modelling industry.

So have a good look through the feedback from the many men and women who have worked with us over the years and then decide who you trust to help you move forward as a plus-size model.