Why is model feedback so important?

Feedback is everywhere, isn’t it?

How many times have you taken a seat at a restaurant table to tuck into a scrummy meal, only to be distracted by a couple on the adjacent table snapping away on their iPhones? What are they doing? Certainly not eating. Oh no, they’ll be taking photos of their chicken liver pâté and Tabasco-infused prawn cocktail to upload to any number of review websites. Sometimes it seems that everyone is keen to voice their opinion, whether they’re holidaying, having their dinner or doing a spot of shopping. Everyone has some feedback.

But enough of the monotonous food critics in the making! We value feedback from our models because we know the feedback relates to their own experience – the experience that our skilled bookings team organises to make the job as stress-free and enjoyable as possible in the first place.

Feedback is helpful to us, and this will filter down to each and every job we put our models forward for. Feedback is like a “second pair of eyes”. The insight we gain from constructive, accurate and perceptive feedback is crucial. OK, so our feedback is usually of the “five star” kind anyway because…well, we are a great modelling agency, but there might be occasions where astute model evaluations can alter how we might assess which models we’d like our clients to hear from, or how we could make assignments even better.   

Above all, we want our models to be happy and relaxed whilst they do what they do best. If there is anything that could be improved on set (whether it be access to the venue, timings or anything else), we really do appreciate our models letting us know.

We’re not just grateful for verbal or written feedback either! Though we live in a world where live footage is often inevitable, feedback in the form of videos is highly prized on social media, and can help endorse you and everyone you’ve worked with. This is different to the aforementioned amateur restaurant critic because you’d have been through the whole process, from applying with us, to getting noticed, and then to accomplishing your modelling assignment; that is – a real modelling job, not just a run of the mill experience. More video footage detailing your modelling experiences with us gets posted on social media, which can only publicise how well you and we have done. Everyone’s a winner!

No one likes to read about negative feedback – especially businesses. When we receive feedback, we know it is valid and important, and we take it like it should be: essential.

We don’t trivialise any feedback. Though we have thousands of outstanding positive comments (take a look here:  https://www.modelsdirect.com/reviews/), we still need to know about any little tweaks we (and our clients) can apply to make our model’s experience even better.

Further evidence of our catalogue of fantastic feedback can be found by clicking on this link:


It details some of the successes over the past few months, and there’s nothing more we like than seeing our models smiling with their pay cheques for a job well done!

Get that feedback back to us, and keep on modelling!