School holidays are here!

School Holidays are Here!

It’s been a long wait for the summer break but it’s finally here! For kids: no need to sweat about submitting homework and projects on time, and making sure that your laces and tie are done. For parents: no need to worry about uniform maintenance and preparing the packed lunches unless your child is on top of it (lucky you!) For child models, it’s time to do more over the summer.

The summer holidays are a great time to really unwind, recharge your batteries and give it your all when spending time with family and friends, and just reconnecting with yourself. When it’s school term, it can be pretty difficult juggling all those things you want to do as a family, especially for working parents. Time is limited, whizzes past and certainly is speeding up as we speak. So take a moment to pause, and read this blog with our budget summer holiday ideas that families can share over the coming weeks. We’ve taken into account the hike in prices so that you can enjoy the best of life without the price tag.

1.     Discover a new park

Sick of going back to the same place over and over again? Families can enjoy the beautiful gifts of nature by discovering a new park in the area. Sometimes we can get comfortable venturing to usual spaces because we’re familiar with the routes but this summer try something new. Public parks are free and usually have convenient parking if you’re travelling via car, and if you’re walking or cycling, what better than to get some exercise into your day. Who knows what gem you’ll discover?

2.     Take a holiday photoshoot

Children love and thrive on imaginative play so if you’re not going away this summer, you can always make-believe. You can improvise and dress the part as though you’re heading for the sun and the sand. Grab your sunnies, put sunscreen on and wear your favourite sun hat to get ready for some summer fun. Whilst role playing you can even get your camera out and start snapping away to capture the amusement. That’ll be great for child, junior and family portfolios further building your modelling careers.

3.     Go camping

When the weather is forecasted to be clear and warm, you can get out your tent or bed linen and set up a camp out in the garden, or indoors if you choose to – you don’t want a downpour in the middle of your sleep! Children will love the idea of sleeping somewhere unusual – whether that means building a den under the dining table or creating something that you would if you were out in the woods. Sleep under the stars or somewhere different in the home setting and enjoy your camping adventure.

4.       Set up a book club

Your local library might be running the annual Summer Reading Challenge but that shouldn’t stop you from setting up a book club yourself. This is an excellent way to continue learning literacy over the summer, keeping the reading momentum going in a fun and creative way. Get in touch with friends and family, set a convenient day and time for all, and get together – whether it’s online or over at your house. Read, discuss, share and enjoy the favourite parts of your reading book and others. Learn and grow by setting up a very beneficial club and you never know, it might get the adults thinking about organising one for themselves too!

We hope that we’ve given you some cool summer ideas that won’t cost a fortune and have you exercising, learning, and growing over the coming weeks (add to that – smiling, giggling and laughing). Take in every moment and enjoy the essence of the holidays – you deserve it!