Models Direct: New Years Resolutions

Models Direct connect models with business, every day. We are a real modelling agency with real offices and real people working tirelessly to provide our clients with the models they need for their projects. You can find out more about us in the Models Direct video at the bottom of this post but seeing as we are on the edge of 2015, we thought we would write about women and how we can improve our lives. One phrase that appears a lot in every aspect of life is ‘upwardly mobile’. An upwardly mobile woman embodies a multitude of traits.  Commercial models command huge respect and glamour and all have one thing in common – they build their look around the future of fashion. They look different, and dress different, because they aim ahead of the status quo. They see through the current trends and create the next ones with vision and foresight. These are incredibly powerful attributes to any woman. Men look for these kind of traits when looking for a partner. The desirable woman is an adventurer. She wants to explore, have days out, educate her self. Why do we insist on sitting under blankets on so many evenings or rainy days when we could be outside discovering something new, and creating a new memory. We don’t remember the individual days spent in the house, they blur into one long depressing picture. To pick yourself up jump on a coach to another city. Do the things you would do if it was in another country, see the cathedral, walk in the park, go for lunch. We don’t do these things in our own towns, so force yourself out of the loop and get moving!  For more tips and news from Models Direct, check out this other blog.

Models Direct

Don’t get over obsessed about the way you look. Half the things you think are terrible about yourself are invisible, and the other half are probably on the inside, making you hate the outside! If you feel in a rut getting out of the house will take your mind off it. It really is about creating positive memories with which to withstand the bad days. You don’t put sad photos in a photo album, you don’t want to reinforce and remember them. If you don’t do that, then why curl up under a blanket and feel sorry for yourself? In that action you accept defeat. The man in your life will not appreciate being brought down, but will definitely respect and admire you if you get up and get out. The most interesting people are often those with the most stories, and the most experiences. It’s not hard to be like that and will instantly make you more desirable and attract the right kind of friends. Building intellectual experiences and gaining knowledge is hot to men. The times of the silly giggly girl are definitely gone, thankfully, and we can bring the right kinds of people into our life by showing the world that we know something, that we know what we are talking about. Image models embody this mentality. To find out more about Models Direct, visit our website and check out what modelling jobs are available in real-time. Also, make sure you follow the Models Direct twitter for modelling news and post updates! Our brand new video shown below offers you an insight as to how Models Direct works.