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Models Direct: About Fashion Modelling

There are so many niches of modelling now that it’s sometimes hard to keep track. The team here at Models Direct often have new requests for such specific niches that even we had never heard of! Fashion modelling is doubtlessly the biggest segment of the modelling business. With thousands of new designs being pumped out of fashion houses every month, the need for models is always present. Fashion models are mostly recruited by modeling scouts around the world who are in a never-ending search for new faces and new blood to bring into the fashion business. If you want to be a high fashion model you must fit the very basic requirements of height and size though so don’t line yourself up for disappointment by not checking if you are suitable before investing your time, energy and resources.

Beautiful joyful teen girl with freckles and yellow makeup

Commercial fashion modelling on the other hand is far broader and better represents the norms of society. If you are applying to agencies with photos taken by your friends or family, you should make sure that they are simple and natural. Don’t over do your make up as the viewer won’t be able to see your actual features as clearly, and maybe the model they’re looking for is required for a shoot with little to no make up! Some models, particularly the young, plaster themselves with make up before having their portfolio done and are surprised to find out that a more natural look is generally preferred. Another thing you have to do is look out for a reliable agency. The team here at Models Direct have noticed that many people look at 3 or 4 agencies before making a decision. If you want to know more about us and find out how we have made it through 25 years in this business, watch the Models Direct video below this post. If you like, message us on the Models Direct Facebook page and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.