How to add more colour to your life

Colours add positivity whenever our eyes meet something vibrant and bold. It makes us feel happy and fills our world with positive energy. That’s why it’s important to bring some colour our daily routine and surround our home with them. With a splash of colour, it’s simple to alter our mood and send ourselves powerful feel-good vibes.

What’s not to love about funky colours? If your life isn’t colourful yet, expand your colour palette with more shades by using some of these ideas from the Models Direct team: 

  1. Funk up your feet 

Jazz your feet up with some funky coloured socks. There are loads of stylishly colourful designs out there – bold, unique, and adventurous. How would you define your style? Make a statement with your socks by adding in vibrant colours. It’s easy-peasy! 

  1. Paint them up; give your nails an extra oomph!

This is the easiest and inexpensive way of incorporating colour into your life – right on your nails. Hand models will be familiar with the latest trends but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add your touch of originality into the fashionable season’s themes.  

Add neon colours, switch colours on each nail, make it funky and different – your style belongs to you; make it happen! 

  1. Switch your wardrobe colours

Adding colour into your usual neutral outfits is a sure-fire winner to adjusting your apparel with a touch of creativity. Forget playing it safe and choose a colour that you normally wouldn’t wear but would feel comfortable with. If it feels too outlandish then chances are you won’t attempt to wear it again. Add an item piece carrying the colour of your choice and see how it feels. The aim is to ooze confidence and wear your colour with style and pride. 

Models, be it child models, teen models or senior models will know how important it is to switch up their style with an original piece so why not make it a colourful one which will have you feeling good and looking good. 

  1. Accessorise your surrounding

On-trend colours are constantly changing and keeping up with the season’s latest must-have hue can be a bit difficult. Go with what colours catch your eye. Zhuzh up your home with bright splashes of different accents to give your surroundings a positive 

  1. The power of colouring 

Mindfulness has become a big game-changer in the art of meditation. It focuses on being in the present moment, appreciating all that surrounds us, including our minds and bodies. You might’ve seen adult mindfulness colouring books on the market which promote practising mindfulness whilst helping to lower anxiety, improve motor skills, concentration and attention to detail. Above all, they encourage you to colour beautiful patterns which is another way to bring colour into your life! Why not try it out if you haven’t already done so?  

Our thoughts 

Models Direct encourage living life with more colour, welcoming more positivity, happiness, inspiration, and motivation. Colours can have a profound effect on our mood, attitude and thinking so why not add more into your life and reap the rewards. 

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