Are you committed to Modelling?

How committed are you to launching your commercial modelling career?

“100%”, is the answer the agents at Models Direct mostly hear from our models, but often the reality can be quite different.

Part of an agencies role is to manage model expectations, help you understand what type of work might be suitable for you and what kind of model rates you can expect – we’d all like our phones to be ringing off the hook with offers of work, for rates we have only ever dreamt of, but this is not how the commercial modelling industry works.

As with any new venture, experience is key, often to gain experience you perhaps have to take on a shoot or an acting role that you wouldn’t necessarily choose and possibly for a lower rate, but that’s OK, it’s all experience and is another small step towards the bigger goal. Clients and agents will see from your work history that you are dedicated and hardworking, this is a huge advantage in such a fickle and competitive industry, often means you can be relied on.

You maybe surprised to hear that the booking agents at Models Direct spend a lot of time chasing models to discuss work opportunities, however, due to unanswered phones, models not returning calls and sometimes even turning work down for whatever reason, opportunities are being lost!

To be a successful model you need to work with your agent, it’s a two way relationship. Your agent will have the necessary contacts in the industry, create opportunities for you to be seen by clients, negotiate rates for you, travel expenses and organise logistics to make it all happen, so it’s important you keep the channel of communication open with them by answering your phone, it’s highly frustrating for an agent to know they have the perfect person for the job, but they can’t get in contact with them and often time is not on our side!

We live in a an age where we are constantly looking at our phones, communication through social media and other platforms is relentless, our agents do utilise these channels if need be to contact a model to make them aware of an opportunity, however it is then essential our agents can actually speak to you, it saves time, relationships are formed and we can hear how committed you are in your voice to the possible job or casting we are putting you forward for.

So if you answered ‘100%’…please keep an eye on your phone and get back to us if you miss a call or receive a ‘please contact us’ text – big thanks from the MD team!