In this blog we’ll concentrate on something that a lot of you enjoy, whilst others can take or leave it. It’s a substance that has featured heavily throughout history, and has been mass marketed for decades, with its popularity showing no signs of a slump. Let’s talk about alcohol.

Models Direct models on recent Greene Kind Campaign

As hard working individuals, models are no different from the majority of the UK workforce in that you’re probably partial to a tipple or two when socialising or to unwind after a worthwhile day in front of the camera. All good so far. But it’s all too easy to underestimate the effects of alcohol, and with any potentially harmful substance, the advice is to always treat it with respect and to make your health the no.1 priority.

Recently, Durham was featured in the news with an initiative that divides opinion. Some bar and door staff in the city are to be given breathalysers in a bid to refuse entry to their premises of those that “pre-load” on alcohol at home before venturing out on the town. Safety, it seems, is the main reason. Perhaps the city is fed-up with anti-social behaviour, so refusing those who have imbibed a little too much will reduce alcohol-fuelled misbehaviour. Not everyone will be required to blow into the alcohol detecting gadgets, and the emphasis is put firmly on staff to determine whether revellers need to be breathalysed. It could work; it could be a damp squib. Wait and see…

What can we take from this proposal? It’s obvious to suggest that anyone legally consuming alcohol on licensed premises are adults. Therefore, should the onus weigh heavily on grown-up individuals? All it takes is for one inebriated drinker to tarnish a small city’s social culture, so is it unfair to assume a larger number must be “tested”? And what of the breathalysers themselves – do they have to be sterilised after every use? Will the initiative see an instant reduction in anti-social behaviour (Durham Police reported similar schemes implemented elsewhere had resulted in a drop in violent crime), or will it have an adverse effect on the city’s hospitality trade? Is the Nanny State rearing its ugly head once again? It’s something to think about, at least.

We can be fairly sure that alcohol will feature just as much as it has done previously throughout 2023. Whether you think we’re becoming overprotective as a society, or whether you think there should be more safeguards in place, we encourage all our models to enjoy alcohol responsibly. Here are some top tips to do just that:

1. Stick to what you know. The lure of trying different drinks is nothing new, although it is sensible to remain faithful to the drinks you’re experienced with.

2. If you can remember, have a few slurps of water in-between alcoholic drinks.

3. Always let someone you trust know where you’re going to be on a night out.

4. Be wary of strangers – even if they appear friendly.

5. Charge your phone before embarking on a night out – it could be a much-needed lifeline.

6. In a hurry? Maybe so, but always give yourself time to eat before consuming alcohol.

7. Binge drinking isn’t a good idea, and it can affect your personality, interrupt sleep patterns…as well as wreaking havoc on your undoubtedly fabulous complexion. Solution? Have a couple of days off the sauce (even if your social calendar is jam-packed!)

8. Only use recommended taxi services.

Do you think “Dry January” is a good idea? Is it healthy to abstain for a restricted thirty days or so, then resort back to normality for the sake of a campaign? Discuss more on our social media pages and let’s get a discussion started!

There’s no reason why everyone can’t have a great time on the tiles without wrongdoings or controversy. Be vigilant and sensible, have fun, and look forward to 2023. There’ll no doubt be a few twists, turns and surprises along the way!