​​What new hobby can I take up over 50? Modelling of course!

It might not be the obvious answer to those over the age of 50 seeking a new and interesting pastime, but modelling could be just the hobby you are looking for.

When we reach the major milestone of our 50th birthday, many of us are looking for something different in our lives and mature modelling could be the answer.

Many of us are still looking after teenage children, some of us have adult children still living at home with us and there are those who already have grandchildren they help out with.

Others are still very passionate about their jobs; they have perhaps climbed the ladder within their chosen field of work and are still very keen to invest time in their careers.

But, even so, perhaps they are seeking something else in their lives, something that might bring a new dynamic – something that contrasts sharply with their daily routines.

Others might now be finding life has slowed down a little.

Perhaps they have moved to part-time working, taken semi-retirement or are even finding themselves in a position where they no longer have to work at all.

For those people, this period in their lives can be golden time, the opportunity to do all the things they’ve always wished they had time for: travel, learning a language, taking up a new sport or musical instrument perhaps.

And this is perhaps where modelling could also form part of the picture.

So, what are the reasons for taking up modelling when you are over 50?

1. First and foremost, it is great fun. You get to meet new people and indulge in a new experience – and that can be really exhilarating.

2. It can also be a challenge, especially if modelling is something you have never tried before. Modelling is certainly not anything to worry about, but it will take you out of your comfort zone and that is surely only a good thing.

3. Modelling can give you newfound confidence later in life – and why not? Stepping out in front of a camera can be very character building and this is something that will then carry over to other areas of your life.

4. It will bring a new dimension to your life and this is something many of us relish as we get older. Perhaps we have become stuck in our ways, maybe we are set in the same old routines, day after day – and accepting the odd modelling assignment will certainly shake things up a little.

5. It could be the start of a long and enjoyable hobby. Those who are successful at modelling can certainly continue to work in the industry for decades to come. Our clients increasingly want “real people’ to appear in their campaigns, advertising and promotions and that includes those in their 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s…

6. You could earn a little extra income and, even if you are still working, that may be very welcome. Many of our older models find their assignments with us help them to pay for that special weekend away or that extra treat they’ve had their eye on for a while but have found it hard to justify.

7. Mature modelling is something that can fit in very easily around the rest of your life. Whether you are still working or have childcare or other family commitments, you may well still find there are assignments you can accept. And, if not, well that doesn’t matter. We completely understand.

Modelling isn’t for everyone, but you never know whether it might be for you until you find out more about it, give it some serious thought and perhaps get in touch with us to discuss it further.