Hear from Models Direct’s junior models……

Producers, Agencies and Casting Directors are booking junior models all the time to be in the latest commercial, campaign or fashion shoot for big brands and smaller independent brands too!

It’s a big industry, with lots of parents wanting their child to be the lucky one, therefore making it very competitive! Models Direct represent a variety of talented young people across the UK, all wanting their moment of fame!

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This really is a fantastic way to get a second income!

We are very grateful to Molly and her team at Models Direct for yet another fantastic opportunity”. – The Pearce Family

“We have been very fortunate to have a fantastic relationship with Molly (Assignments Coordinator) at Models Direct, Molly who knows us as a family and Myleigh who has been booked for modelling alone, but also recently, of late, we have been chosen too as a family!!
Our recent assignment was for a new trampoline web promo for Air Boing. We had so much fun on this shoot, Myleigh had the best time jumping on the trampoline, playing on the tree swing, and we as a family laughed all day.

We really do rate Models Direct, for us it was the best decision we made putting Myleigh forward and now as a family we are doing things together, having fun and getting paid!! This really is a fantastic way to get a second income, plus to start your child’s future in the business. We are very grateful to Molly and her team at Models Direct for yet another fantastic opportunity”.

Two Jobs in three weeks for Models Direct’s Male Model Kurt!

The modelling industry can be unpredictable and inconsistent at times, but for Model Direct’s male model Kurt, it’s been non stop!

“I have now completed my second assignment for Models Direct in the last 3 weeks and once again the experience was FANTASTIC! I had to act as a shopper at Cheshire Oaks Shopping Outlet along with 5 other models whilst having our photos taken. The models I worked with were a great bunch and a pleasure to work with. Huge thanks once again to Marie for putting me forward for the assignment and for giving great instructions for the day. Pleasure to work with!”



Models Direct’s Tips To The Perfect Pose

If you are not an experienced model then being infront of the camera can be very daunting! Posing may appear natural and look simple, but there’s a lot to remember when creating the perfect pose!

The team at Models Direct have put together their top tips to help you feel more confident infront of the camera, resulting in the perfect pose!

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It’s Another Assignment For The Pearce Family with Models Direct

Family modelling can be can be a super fun way of experiencing the modelling industry together and there is a big demand for commercial, model families!

Models Direct represent a few model families and are often putting the forward for commercials, holiday park promotions, product shoots, etc.

Models Direct were delighted to be able to offer the Pearce family another opportunity last week with AirBoing Trampolines! The family were super excited to get the opportunity to film a commercial for such a fun and exciting product!

The Pearce family are experienced now and have done lots of different assignments for Models Direct, they have a great attitude towards the work, are flexible and communicate with the team here all the time which makes the process so much easier.

Models Direct were so pleased to receive these behind the scenes shots from the filing assignment and can’t wait to hear how it all went! – Big well done to the Pearce family!