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Welcome Back Annie!

The Models Direct team are super excited to be able to welcome female model Annie back on the books!!

During her time with Models Direct Annie has been successfully selected for numerous assignments ranging from bridal shoots to commercials, her experience and professionalism is impressive and we are delighted to be her agent once again!

Annie is a professional dancer so has a variety of skills and is very used to performing to an audience, she has lots of energy and a good understanding of the industry with the ability to be very diverse with her roles and portray different characters.

Below are just a snippet of final images and commercials that Annie has worked on while being represented by Models Direct – here’s to many more Annie!!


A bit of a character?

The term character model is often used by clients and can cover a multitude of looks or requirements. Models Direct character models and actors are hired to play the computer programmer, the fat guy, the librarian, the freckled mischievous schoolboy or the little old lady in her deck-chair enjoying the sun.

Character actors and models rarely become household names, but this is an extremely lucrative field if you’ve got the right look and can get this across in your photos and on assignment.

Not all modelling jobs are high-fashion cover shots or editorial for the top fashion magazines in the world and print ads for designer clothing.

Sometimes a company may require models to promote a product, a service, a new store, etc at a trade show or event.

So the skill of the modelling agency is to get a general description of what the client wants and then find that person.

Clients might be looking for a suburban mum type, a rugged outdoorsy guy type, a sexy babe type or the average woman in the street look.

Clients may want models with a special skill – roller-skating, tap dancing, foreign language skills or even pole vaulting!

What can you do and who you could be?

Regular Work for Model Serena!

“I’ve worked for RGB Building Supplies for the 4th time, (once a year) I love it. It was really lovely to see everyone, as they are a great team and a lovely company to work for! – Thanks Models Direct!” – Serena

The Models Direct team are delighted for Serena who was selected for a 4th time to promote RGB Building Supplies at the Exeter ToolFair at the Excel again this year in London, Congratulations Serena!

The team at Models Direct work really hard to maintain client relationships and so we are so pleased when they come to us with regular work and select the same models again as they were so impressed with them!

It looks like Serena and the team had alot of fun on this promotional assignment!

Male Model Trio Launch New Clothing Brand

Being selected for an assignment is always pretty exciting, but to come away from it with some new pals is a bonus! That’s the case for this handsome trio on their latest assignment with Models Direct!

Alex, Shaun and William were chosen to be the faces of the new clothing brand, Matter Clothing, an active clothing wear company designed for the bold, adventurous and free-spirited, these guys were perfect for the job!

The Models Direct team could see that they had a ball on set and all got on really well, which is fantastic, the feedback from the all was incredible.

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