Style with the Latest Summer 2021 Instagram Trends

Style with the Latest Summer 2021 Instagram Trends 

The majority of us were probably chilling in our loungewear (and nightwear) most of last year – pj’s, robes, sliders and whatever else we could snuggle into. It became an accustomed lifestyle since we were at home (so a great excuse not to worry about making an effort!) It was all about the comfort factor given the uncomfortable situation we were all put in. 

As we exit out of another lockdown, are we still going to be in our nightwear as much as the idea sounds awesome? Nope – we thought not. When it comes to fashion, we usually look to the runway for fashion #inspo and trends that have been forecasted for the seasons ahead. However, with the rise of social media and the influence that Instagram influencers have, Models Direct modelling agency wants to take a look at which summer trends are set to be huge in the fashion world this year. With the guidance of our social media gurus, we want to know exactly what is hot this year and what you can wear instead of your fluffy oversized loungewear top! 

  1. Oversized Jeans

Budge over oversized loungewear top and make way for the oversized jeans. We take fashionista Basra Ajeh’s (@itsbasra) advice on this style guide. She’s a gorgeous social media influencer who loves her fashion (of course), colours and recommends most oversized apparel including oversized jeans. This trend has been running for quite a while and doesn’t seem to want to be hung up and forgotten about. The oversized look matches well when it’s teamed up with something more tapered to balance the movement of sizes – a streamlined jacket or fitted top with oversized jeans. 

  1. Pattern Clashing

This next trend might raise a few eyebrows but it certainly encourages us to be a bit more thoughtful about our fashion choices especially if we might shy away from creativity. Anisha Kalsi (@anishakalsi) a Kent based Instagram influencer, has noticed a boost in pattern clashing which is mixing up different patterns, colours and textures. Doing this takes some confidence as you are going against the norm of teaming up items. Plan ahead, be confident and go for it!

  1. Chunky Loafers

Chainky (@chainkyr) has been showing us that chunky loafers can look like the perfect treat with a printed midi skirt and pretty knitwear. We think it was only a matter of time these were back in fashion since the track-sole boots made an entrance in the fashion world this winter. These comfy shoes are laid back and can be dressed up and dressed down according to your socialising needs. Versatile and wearable, chunky loafers are what influencers are recommending. 

  1. Always look on the pink side of life

Making its way to the centre stage, this year’s hottest colour is pink. It’s the perfect summer colour – blush, dusty rose, bubblegum, coral – there are so many shades to choose from. You can dress in pink head to toe or choose one apparel to be a trendsetter. Jen Azoulay (@jen_wonders) has showcased her Mango pastel pink suit on Instagram alongside other influencers.  

After reading this, we hope you are in the know about what items to wear as we all come out of lockdown. Come out in style feeling confident and ready to take on any challenge.  

Our modelling agency always looks forward to receiving new modelling applications from anyone interested in expanding their life experiences, opportunities and of course, CV. 

We are ready for summer 21! Are you?