Pubescent Skin: How Your Teen Model Can Take Care of Their Skin

Ah, you never thought it would happen so fast but the apple of your eye is turning into an independent soul! How quickly did that happen?

a good skincare routine will really help

As rapidly as your little one is growing up, so is the fact that they’re probably approaching puberty now.

Along the journey, you might be noticing some of your cosmetics have, as if by magic, popped open, or you could have sworn your makeup remover was pretty much unused but now, it seems to be dwindling at a usually fast rate. Could it be your imagination or could it be your daughter or son is sneakily (and we say this in the sweetest way) experimenting with your makeup heroes?

Either way, with age, comes pubescent skin and if you’ve got your skincare to a tee it might be a good idea to start introducing skincare products into your teen’s routine too. If you’ve got a child model that’s growing at an uber speed or a teen that wants to try something new and get paid for it (a massive incentive!), then kick-start a regular, high-quality skincare regime with Models Direct’s simple suggestions.

Which skin type does your teen have?

With skin being the largest organ of the body, it’s really important to know which skin type your teen has. Models Direct will help suggest some great products for different skin types.

Normal/sensitive skin

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse regardless of whether spots are involved or not. It’s really important to take this step but don’t overdo it, please. We just wanted to emphasise its importance really. Encourage your star to do it every morning and every evening, without fail – face and neck. It’ll remove impurities from the skin making way for clear skin to breathe and revitalise. Next up, make sure you hydrate it with SPF to block out those savage skin-damaging rays that beam down on us every day of the year, with no exceptions, unfortunately. If you’re staying indoors, don’t forget to moisturise.

Combination skin

You want something that doesn’t clog the pores and regulates sebum production (that’s the oily, waxy substance produced by your body’s sebaceous glands which coat, moisturise and protect your skin.) An overproduction can happen due to a hormonal imbalance associated with factors such as puberty. So the best advice is to not attack the skin and slap on harsh products to combat the oily effect. Be kind and mindful, your skin speaks too so be gentle before you counteract the oiliness by creating dryness and skin sensitivity – lightweight and non-sticky lotions are needed.

If a spot happens to appear out of nowhere, rescue your skin with pimple patches which are really catching on at the moment (not to mention they actually work too!) They’re small discrete stickers which you can directly apply on your face, day or night. Most contain hydrocolloid which helps suck out the gunk, reduce the redness and flatten the unwanted culprit stopping you from touching or worse still, squeezing them! Ew!

Acne-prone skin

They eat right, drink right, sleep right, and hopefully don’t stress too much over exams and life but does your teen have a tendency to break out where the skin stays tender and sensitive for prolonged lengths of time? Everything they use needs to be super duper safe and super duper calming – their face wash, toner, serum, everything needs to be cool, calm and collected.

Bottom line

Like us, our teens need a skincare routine no matter what skin type they are. Their skin needs to be treated with TLC with lots of loving skin heroes. Boost your teen’s confidence and get them engaging in a career where they could be earning extra cash.