Mother’s Day…make it extra special this year

As we continue to endure lockdowns, many of us realise the importance of certain days. Near the top of most lists of significant days is Mother’s Day – traditionally known in the UK as “Mothering Sunday”. Like many of the UK’s celebratory days, Mother’s Day has a historical and religious background, which we’ll get to soon.

Mother’s Day was established in honour of mothers (who’d have thought?) and to this day, it has to be said, the tradition of honouring our mothers is still upheld. Whilst the custom is still pertinent, the ways we say a wholehearted “thanks!” to our mums have progressed with the advancement of technology and the sheer range of products available as suitable gifts. But it’s still nice to see a long-standing tradition going strong – one that is, by and large, not dissimilar to those that have gone before them decades ago.      

The “holiday” originated in the USA where, in the early 1900s, Anna Jarvis held a memorial service at her late mother’s church in West Virginia. In just five years, pretty much every US state had observed the day. Then, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson made it a National Holiday (it’s on the second Sunday in May in the USA).

In the UK, Mother’s Day loosely originated from the Middle Ages. It spawned from the practice of Christian families visiting their “mother church” (where people were baptised), and is observed on the fourth Sunday after Lent. Mother’s Day is not a UK National Holiday – it seems our friends “across the pond” hold the day in greater esteem than us Brits. 

It’s fair to say that the US “version” of Mother’s Day is more relevant to the UK’s in terms of its origin. After all, the American version is based on the act of a relatively recent real person, whereas the UK’s has its roots in ancient religion that is seen by many as inane.

But enough of the history lesson! What’s of far more merit to the modern Mother’s Day is how mothers up and down the country are respected for their unwavering family values – across the whole year, not just for one day. It’s a day where mums are recognised for all the “little things” that go unnoticed. You know what we’re talking about – lending out her car so you don’t have to take the train, stocking up on a soft drink even when she doesn’t like it, making sure a husband wakes up on time when his alarm clock is notoriously unpredictable. Just think what some mums do without recognition! Perhaps this Mother’s Day more than ever they deserve a little recognition even if it’s done through facetime, zoom or the good old telephone, it means the world to mum’s! 

Millions of parents have discovered the “pleasures” of home schooling during lockdown, so there can hardly be a more suitable time than 14th March for mums to relax.

Which brings us to the subject of Mother’s Day presents. Why opt for the mundane chocolates, cards or flowers? They’ll be gratefully received, but put a little more effort into it! Here are some Models Direct ideas to help you stand out from the crowd:

1. A reminder of a unique family holiday. For instance, if your mum loves regaling friends with stories about an Italian holiday, you could make her day by buying her a memento such as a framed picture, statuettes, DVDs or books, or local produce. She’ll appreciate that you remembered the destination was special to her. 

2. A handmade gift. This could be a plate, an item of pottery or clothing, a cake…anything that you’ve spent a few hours perfecting will go down a treat! How about a framed family portrait – cartoon-style?

3. Anything personalised / engraved, such as jewellery.

4. Something to start her off with a new hobby (great for lockdown…). If she’s hinted she’d like to start making homebrew or wine, for instance, then a beginner’s brewing kit will be perfect. Growing bonsai trees? Astronomy? Anything you know she’d love to get to grips with but never had the time to kick-start, then a Mother’s Day gift leaves her with no more excuses!

Models Direct wish all mums a relaxing, happy day on 14th March. Sons, daughters, husbands – make sure she has a day to remember, and let’s hope it’ll be the only Mother’s Day on record during a lockdown.

And please let mums watch anything they want on TV (but she can’t have the remote control at 3pm – that’s when Scotland plays Ireland in the Six Nations…)