IMAGE – our modelling magazine

Every three months a unique thing happens that everyone interested in commercial modelling should know about. And if you keep your ears to the ground and haven’t heard about it, we’d like to ask – WHY NOT?!

If you haven’t guessed already, the quarterly marvel we’re referring to is our very own modelling magazine, IMAGE.

IMAGE has an impressive history, and was born out of our love of the modelling industry. We wanted to produce a way of keeping a wider audience up-to-date with all the latest fashions, scoops, opinions, advice and tips, and we think we’ve been mailing our brief ever since the first issue came into fruition!

As the UK’s first modelling magazine (and just to be clear, we’re not talking about Airfix or Dungeons and Dragons!), we feel IMAGE is an important tool to help gain more exposure into how the commercial modelling works, and what types of looks companies are looking for – pretty much every look, by the way!

We’ve covered plenty of topics to whet the appetites of both veteran and novice models, and we can assure everyone that IMAGE shows no signs of fatigue. On the contrary – we know from experience that the wheels of the modelling industry have been spinning for some time, and the rate is increasing every year. And it’s the industry’s development that needs to be sung from the rooftops of every media platform – that’s why IMAGE has been published for as long as it has.

Our team love to produce every issue of IMAGE as much as our audience love to read it. Where else can you read about inspirational models, top notch start-ups and what they are looking for, experiences from real people, guest bloggers, new products…it’s no wonder our great magazine has been in circulation for a long time. And it’s absolutely free!

You can have a scan at some past issues Oh…and don’t forget to have a look at our latest edition of IMAGE here:

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Technology allows everyone to upload almost anything to social media, so even though we have a soft spot for traditional publishing, it’d be illogical for us to deny issues of IMAGE a place amongst the likes of Twitter, Facebook et al.

We consider IMAGE informative, relevant and useful, although it does also help broaden the catchment audience of would-be models. Thus the magazine also acts as an advertisement of sorts, highlighting the pros of joining a professional agency and explaining what benefits are available to all kinds of models – models just like you!
You’ll find evaluations, feedback and all sorts of handy contact details.

The question is: can you afford not to peruse the next issue of IMAGE? Or, for that matter, all previous editions? You’ll have everything to gain, and you’ll be a better – and more knowledgeable – model for it!