How to take the perfect picture of your baby

If you are considering putting your beautiful bundle of joy forward for baby modelling you will want to be able to take the perfect picture of your baby.

Modelling agencies and their clients need to see your little one is what they are looking for and photography is the first place they start.

You don’t have to have a fancy camera to take a good collection of shots, but you do need to make sure you the pictures are sharp and show your tiny tot at his or her very best.

Here are a few suggestions of how to do this:

  • Always consider background

This must serve to show your baby off at his or her most beautiful and to help focus the eye. If your little one is still small then place him or her on a blanket or throw that is a single shade and enhances eye, hair and skin colour. If your little one is mobile and you want to shoot a standing, crawling or sitting position then think carefully about what is in the background. Clear toys and other clutter away and position your toddler against a simple, neutral or single coloured wall, carpet or item of furniture.

  • Think about what they are wearing

Choose clothing to complement your child and the background – do not pick anything that is too busy or flamboyant. Toddlers could wear bright colours but ensure they do not clash. Babes in arms can carry off white and creams nicely and can even be shot against a white background in nothing more than a nappy if you wish.

  • Make sure they are happy

There is no point taking pictures of a crying or grumpy baby – that will do little for their future modelling career! Make sure they are well fed and well rested before you start. Put their favourite music on in the background and just before you start to shoot get a favourite toy out for them to play with. Encourage a family member to make silly faces and noises behind your head to make the baby look at you and laugh.

  • Take lots of shots

Take as many pictures as possible before the light of your life loses interest. Then put everything away and try again later on or even the next day. It is important that he or she doesn’t not get bored of the photo sessions – or worse, starts to associate them with feeling tired and miserable. 

  • Choose carefully

Once you have taken a good collection of photographs, spend an evening or so editing them right down. You will only be sending a handful over so make sure they show your would-be baby model in different positions and with various happy faces, from a shy smile to a roaring laugh. Include at least one clear close-up and don’t include anything where the baby is not well-positioned in the shot, is crying or has a runny nose. 

Baby models are always in demand, with more and more brands creating incredible baby products the market is expanding constantly. Our team can’t wait to see your little superstar and your amazing photography skills too!