Home workouts and healthy food ideas

If you’re worried you may gain weight while being in isolation or your mental health might be affected, don’t worry there are many things you can do to keep fit and healthy. 

How to keep fit while in self-isolation with no gym equipment.

It’s hard to keep fit while staying at home when you might have been use to working out at your local gym 5 days a week, but don’t worry, you can still keep fit without the gym. There are a few things you can do… 

  1. A Morning Run – There is something amazing about getting up early, throwing your hair up in a bun and wearing no make up. The fresh air waking you up and watching the sun come up. This will really set you up for the morning and make you feel more motivated to do more with your day. This doesn’t have to be a long run, just go for a run that makes you feel satisfied with… usually 20-30 minutes is a good amount of time for a run. Also if you feel you want to get more fresh air in the evening, go for another run, why not! 
  1. Yoga – This is really good for your well being, mental health and your posture. Find a bright and happy space in your house or in your garden with enough room around you, this is important, as you want to clear your mind and worries. You want to feel happy and content in your surroundings before you start. Find yourself a large towel or if you don’t already have one, purchase a yoga mat, this is essential as you will be sitting down and your hands will be on the floor so you want to feel comfortable. Go onto YouTube and find a yoga workout video, easy! 
  1. Fitness video – In your living room or bedroom (a room with a TV or you can use your laptop), make space for your work out. This is really good if you want a higher energy workout and get your sweat on! Like the above, go on YouTube and search any fitness workout, no payments needed.

Food glorious food 

We all love a treat here and there but when you’re not moving around as much, you want to limit your treats (naughty foods) as much as you can. Saying that, of course you can treat yourself with some ice cream in the evening or a cheeky chocolate bar as a snack. Eat your fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water! 

As a Model, you want to ensure you keep your fit and healthy. When isolation is over you want to be ready for any model jobs that may come your way!