Breaking into the modelling industry

Advice for aspiring model teenagers…and parents

Models Direct is a huge advocate of giving everyone the opportunity to work as a model in the industry. We’ve been placing babies, toddlers, teenagers, adults, pets and families in some of the best jobs in the UK for many years – and we’re pretty good at it! 

But perhaps there is an age when a lot of people give serious thought to breaking into the industry, either full-time or part-time. Older teenagers (16-18 years old) and university students tend to be in this bracket for two reasons: 1. They’ll have developed a more mature mindset and should have the energy and ambition to succeed; 2. At this age, physical features are highly valued in the industry, with many clients looking for a fresh look to help them market their products.

We provide great advice for potential models – please see the following link for guidance and information on the industry

Whether you’re in the 16-21 year old bracket or a parent with confidence in a son or daughter, here are our seven golden tips to consider if you feel now is the right time to take the plunge into the modelling industry:

1. Be realistic. Yes, looks are important, but having impractical aspirations will only be counterproductive. Be aware that looks are not obligatory. We promote diversity and often have clients on our books who look for almost anyone with unusual looks and characteristics from different backgrounds.

2. Don’t skimp on education! School and university work must be a priority. It’s good to think about modelling, but not to the detriment of your education.

3. Be prepared. Success is not a given; put in the hard yards by reading up on absolutely everything to do with modelling. Treat breaking through in the industry as an exam: equip yourself with the knowledge and run with it. 

4. Listen to your parents. Eek! Okay, so it might not be what you want to hear, but family (and friends) have your best interests at heart, and are often the source of the best advice. 

5. Focus on your plus points. We offer work from commercial modelling to sports modelling, hair and hand modelling to plus size / petite modelling – not to mention jobs for disabled models and fittings models. The more specific you can be in your application, the more you’ll stand out. 

6. Take care of yourself. As an aspiring model, being in the best possible shape is undoubtedly beneficial. Stay healthy, and you’ll be primed and ready to go – and that’s in the mental department, too. Little tweaks to your lifestyle will pay dividends in the long run.   

7. Keep going! Everyone has been rejected at some point in their life. The difference is successful people treat rejection as an opportunity to bounce back stronger. Be strong-minded and you’ll have a greater chance to break into our wonderful industry. 

Please get in touch with the Models Direct team if you’re seriously thinking about breaking into the industry. With a little help from leaders in the business, you could be choosing which jobs you want to take on and – here’s the good part – having fun and earning money.