Why have my Photographs been rejected by Models Direct?

As you have probably read hundreds of times, modelling is a very competitive industry!

We all know that fashion modelling is incredibly competitive, but Commercial modelling and the Talent industry as a whole is also very competitive and popular.

As an agency, Models Direct has to ensure they are representing their Talent in the best way possible and this starts with the images you have provided to them to promote you with.

People’s perceptions of a good photograph can differ massively, but the Models Direct team have been in the industry for many years, working with large companies and Production Agencies all over the world, so they have a fair idea of what pictures tend to catch their client’s eye!

In previous blog posts the Models Direct team have given lots of information about how to create the ideal picture, modelling poses, hints and tips on how you can do this yourself and save the cost of hiring a professional photographer.

The team at Models Direct Head Office have a strict policy on pictures and WILL reject any images that are not suitable for representation or to go on your e-portfolio, so take your time and think about how you want to be promoted within the industry, make sure your images stand out and of course you look your best!

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