Models Direct offers equal opportunites

With the competitiveness of modelling world today many disabled models may be overlooked but at Models Direct, our policy is to offer all our models the same opportunities whether disabled or able bodied.

In addition to the everyday modelling assignments which are open to all disabled models, we have clients who want models to advertise disabled promotions or to sell specific disabled products. Although, as in the world of sport which has embraced disabled people for many years now, within the fashion and modelling industry we are learning that whatever disability you have there is a need to be inclusive when it comes to disabled models and not just to advertise wheelchairs!

Both male and female disabled models are welcome and whatever your disability, age or shape, whether you are in a wheelchair or an amputee, contact us now and have a chat about disabled modelling opportunities at Models Direct Model Agency.

The Models Direct team were delighted to be able to offer a few of our models with disabilities an exciting assignment recently, with a large, well known high street tech brand – how exciting!!

The models were successfully selected to feature in a video shoot for this particular client, showing the diversity of the brands client’s clientele. The models had to travel to London where the shoot was taking place and had a great time from beginning to end, the Models Direct team had fab feedback from the client too!

Here is the feedback from one of our models Nicki:

“Hi. I’m Nicki. I’m a freelance model, worked with various clients, in the UK and abroad. Finding work with Models Direct was refreshing and encouraging for me to see especially for a model like myself with disabilities. The Booking Agents, especially Marie and Molly, thank you so much for reassuring me from the beginning to the end allowing me to be 100% to meet the needs of the clients, especially with one assignment where I did a video shoot for a huge technical brand which I can’t wait to share soon. Thank you Models Direct.”

Our child model Maci also was involved in this assignment, here is her feedback:

“Maci, what did you think of Sunday?”


“Did you love it?”

“But I hated to get up early.”

“You didn't like to get up early but you did it though.”

“Yeah and it was good.”

“Was it fun?”


“Did you enjoy the day and being with all the other children?”

“Yeah and I read a story.”

“And you got these lovely flowers from Marie at Models Direct, thank

you Marie.”

“Thank you Marie.”

Also Keiron who is one of our models who is a wheelchair user gave his feedback from the day too:

“Hi guys. My name’s Kieron and I’m a model with Models Direct. I’ve been with the company now for 6 months and had quite a lot of interest. I’ve recently been to London for a huge shoot with a well known tech company.

The staff at Models Direct are great. They’re always there to give you advice, help, information, anything you need to know, they are there for you basically.

It’s brilliant, couldn’t ask for a better team to be working with. See ya.”

At Models Direct we are so pleased to be able to offer the same opportunities to our models whether they have a disability or not. There is a growing demand for models with disabilities in the industry and a desire from clients to embrace diversity.