What are the different model types?

Because we have so many opportunities for commercial models it’s not surprising that there are several types of models our clients look for. It’s another reason why modelling is very accessible to the general population. There are no limits, no restrictions; as long as brands require models, the industry will continue to thrive.

Obviously, some assignments call for a specific type of model. However, as we work with the largest selection of clients, there are usually plenty of chances for every type of model to enjoy working on set anywhere in the UK – and sometimes abroad.

Here is a lowdown of the most common types of model we represent. As a general rule, the list is in descending order of popularity, although that’s not to say that the types near the bottom are few and far between. Each type listed here is regularly asked for by clients.

1. Female models. Women aged between 18 – 55 years are as popular as they were decades ago. High street fashion modelling and catalogue shoots are common, as are photo sessions with all kinds of brands. Female modelling is here to stay.

2. Male models. In the same age range as female models, men of all shapes and sizes are an advertiser’s dream. You don’t have to be clean-cut and of a certain height, either. Though they’ve always been useful in a range of assignments, male modelling has seen an increase in demand – and long may it continue.

3. Child models. Usually aged between 2-12 years, children are required for specific clothing modelling assignments and national brand awareness. It’s not just the stereotypical school clothing gigs that our child models excel in; we often hear about adult-children mixed assignments, family models and general jobs for renowned retail brands. All our clients are vetted before we accept them on our books, with safety and well-being an essential part of any child’s modelling experience. We insist on parental / guardian chaperones, too.

4. Baby models. The young ones are rocking it at the moment. We’ve been in touch with thousands of parents over the years to tell them the good news: that their pride-and-joy has been selected to work with trusted brands including Mamas & Papas, the BBC, Pampers, Morrisons, Aptamil…the list goes on. We all like to see a healthy, smiling toddler (including twins and triplets), so to find out more click here.

5. Teenage models. The 13-18 year olds have really come into their own, and we expect teens to remain as important to us and our clients for years to come. Vital in family modelling just as they are starring in shoots for top brands all over the country, teenage models play a huge role in everyone’s success.

6. Plus size models. Diversity is key, so our plus size models continue to feature in various rewarding modeling assignments, from start-up companies to national retailers.

7. Family models. Indispensible for holiday operators and large supermarkets,   family modelling is among the most rewarding modelling experiences out there. If you’re lucky enough to be chosen, you might even find yourself travelling abroad in luxury. Collective fingers crossed…

8. Disabled models. There are hundreds of products on the market for disabled talent to advertise. Even so, we’ve placed many disabled models in quality assignments for other products. The world of modelling has opened widen for people with disabilities in recent years, so there’s nothing stopping anyone from fulfilling their modelling dreams.

9. Mature models. Knowledge may be power, but experience is equally powerful. For years, our mature models have enjoyed working with photographers and film makers in a host of gratifying jobs. If you’re over 55 years of age and/or enjoying retirement, modelling is one of the most convenient and enjoyable working opportunities to keep the brain active – whilst earning a decent modelling fee, of course.

There are more niche modelling types we get asked for, too. In no particular order, here are three of the most sought-after:

1. Body part models. Are you proud of your glistening hair? Do you love showing off tattoos or piercings? Have you got particularly shapely legs, healthy nails or fab feet? If so, becoming one of our body part models will be right up your street.

2. Sports / fitness models. Sports-mad or a dynamic gym bunny? By becoming a Models Direct sports model, you’ll be in the best position to be noticed by companies looking for your looks and talent.

3. Promotional models. Not so much modelling as being outgoing, polite and a great conversationalist. Our promotional models are needed for exhibition shows, large sporting events, conventions and trade shows – as well as the good old English high streets. Perfect for lively characters with the ability to retain information and who love talking to people.

At Models Direct, there really is something for everyone. You just need to be registered with us to give yourself the best chance of being noticed. And that’s exactly what thousands of models have done since we started the company back in 1990.