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Discovering Harwich with Models Direct!

The Models Direct team were super excited for our models Susan and Adrian who were selected to star in a promotional video for Harwich Council – what an exciting project!

The assignments team at Models Direct liaised with the production team at Joli Studios and briefed Susan and Adrian accordingly so they knew exactly what to expect on an exciting day of filming.

The video shoot was a great success, here is what Adrian and Susan had to say about the day:

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Megan’s review of Models Direct as her agent!

Megan joined the books here at Models Direct in November 2016, her application was great and her looks, interest in acting and attitude towards the industry, was fantastic. While studying at Swansea University, modelling  was something she could do as and when the opportunity came up and Megan was happy to travel anywhere for work!

Megan was selected by a Models Direct client to star in a photo shoot for an eCommerce look book, modelling winter coats and watches! Marie a member of the assignments team here at Models Direct briefed Megan fully with all the details of the assignment and was delighted to be able to give her this opportunity.

Huge congratulations to Megan from the Models Direct team!! Take a few minutes to watch her video, she talks about what she had to do on the assignment and her experience of being represented by Models Direct!


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It is such a great part of the job to hear all your excitement and news from assignments you’ve done, we love receiving your feedback!

The enquiries we receive daily in the Assignments department vary hugely, from supplying talent to small independents to arranging large groups of extras, models, actors for big productions, it’s non-stop!

We make sure all our talent are briefed fully before an assignment with all the information they require including, locations, timings, client details and any other info the client would like them to have.

The excitement of being selected for an assignment is huge, especially if it’s your first assignment, a step in the door! There’s no telling when that step may happen, your commitment and determination to the industry plays a part too!

Check out a few of these videos from our talent who have recently done assignments….!

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Perfect Virtual Reality Trailer – LIVE!! #Sonyplaystation

Our model Lucy was pretty excited to be selected for the starring role in the new Perfect Virtual Reality Commercial for #Playstation!!

Lucy  has had previous experience in modelling and acting through Models Direct, but never before had she done anything like this. Her brief was to act out a response to different scenarios that were given to her and create the realism of these situations through her expressions. This was all to be done infront of a green screen, so special effects could all be added later in the process, therefore, Lucy had no idea what her surroundings were or what she was reacting to!

Read how Lucy got on: “Today, I completed my fourth job through Models Direct Agency. The #assignment was for a video games console commercial. I had the lead role which involved me wearing a pair of virtual reality glasses and pretending to react to my surroundings. There was a green screen behind me so special effects can be added during post production. One of the scenes included me acting as if I had stepped out onto a mountain and was gasping at the view! A wind machine was used to blow my hair around to help enhance the scene but it was my job to create the realism through my expression! It was fun day’ working with a lovely film crew – I cannot wait to see the finished commercial!”

A few behind the scenes pics of Lucy’s time on set!!

What an exciting experience for Lucy and great to add to her portfolio! The modelling & talent industry can be incredibly diverse and exciting. #Assignments range massively, so the more diverse you are the better!

Enjoy the trailer!!


Click here to view Lucy’s profile page

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Top tips to achieve the ideal snap shots!

The talent industry can be a confusing and daunting world for an aspiring model/actor/singer, so how do you get an agent to notice you??

The most important factor is self presentation….

  • How do you want the industry to see you?
  • What sort of assignments/work do you want to be considered for?
  • Do you look yourself in your pictures?
  • Do you stand out to a prospective client or casting director?

All of the above are factors you need to consider when submitting an application to an agency. More often than not a client will select talent from photographs only, not all request castings or meetings in person, so it is essential you are getting the best from the photographs that you are be promoted with!

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