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A bit of a character?

The term character model is often used by clients and can cover a multitude of looks or requirements. Models Direct character models and actors are hired to play the computer programmer, the fat guy, the librarian, the freckled mischievous schoolboy or the little old lady in her deck-chair enjoying the sun.

Character actors and models rarely become household names, but this is an extremely lucrative field if you’ve got the right look and can get this across in your photos and on assignment.

Not all modelling jobs are high-fashion cover shots or editorial for the top fashion magazines in the world and print ads for designer clothing.

Sometimes a company may require models to promote a product, a service, a new store, etc at a trade show or event.

So the skill of the modelling agency is to get a general description of what the client wants and then find that person.

Clients might be looking for a suburban mum type, a rugged outdoorsy guy type, a sexy babe type or the average woman in the street look.

Clients may want models with a special skill – roller-skating, tap dancing, foreign language skills or even pole vaulting!

What can you do and who you could be?

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Why Baby Modelling is fun for Mum too

Lots of parents who contact the team at Models Direct wonder whether their baby is suitable for baby modelling.

Every new parent will tell you that their bundle of joy is the cutest little baby on the planet, and who knows, they could be right.

But what many parents don’t realise is that there is a huge demand for baby models. Joining a baby modelling agency like Models Direct can be a great way to show off your adorable little tyke to the world.

The market for baby care products is one that will always remain strong. Regardless of economic conditions, manufacturers of baby care products need to promote their product range in what is a very large and competitive market. Every parent of a young child knows just how many baby care products there are, from rusks and cereals, to nappies and wipes, to rash cream and skincare products, to baby clothes, the list is endless.

Portrait of three months old baby girl wearing pink winter hat
With baby modelling there is plenty of time for naps and feeds.

While starting your baby on a path towards a modelling career might be the last thing on the mind of young parents, a baby modelling photo shoot can be a lot of fun for parents and baby alike. It’s clear from the feedback from parents of baby models that it’s a lot of fun for everyone.

From a Baby Model Mother…”I started my baby modelling at two months, and during the teething months she was very noisy and we couldn’t take jobs on. The thing to know is that when your agency contacts you regarding an assignment you can actually accept or decline. I found that the most important thing was having a good portfolio for my child and keeping her pics up to date, that way she was more likely to be selected from pictures rather than having to attend lots of castings”.

It’s not so much that parents dream of their little baby becoming a model, just that it’s a great experience all round. The photographers and art directors who run the photo sessions are great at working with young babies and anxious parents, because they’ve done it many times before.

The Models Direct team do their very best to put parents at ease, there is plenty of time for naps and feeds, and they love meeting some of the other parents getting involved. The baby needs to be photogenic and it would be also good if they were quirky with plenty of character as they’ve got to have a sparkle about them. Temperament is also important; they’ve got to be good natured and sociable to put up with meeting lots of strangers.

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Models Direct | February Feedback

Connecting Models with Business Every Day

Models Direct connect models with business every day. We have a real office, with real people working full time to bring in modelling work and are a government regulated employment agency. Working alongside Talent Management, 2015 is our twenty fifth year in operation and we look forward to many more years of shared successes. Read what Jake had to say about his recent job modelling Persol Sunglasses.

Models Direct

This is the second modelling job that I have got through Talent Management. I model very regularly and have to say the whole process through this agency and the clients is always very professional.  Modelling for Persol Sunglasses was the first time I have been a ‘hand model’ – it was very interesting to experience a new type of work and has opened my eyes up to other potential opportunities, which I otherwise wouldn’t have had without the booking provided through Talent Management.

Jake Watson – £220

We always love to hear from models and clients after a completed job and look forward to seeing the results. Whether you are registered with us or not, you can still view the Models Direct Job Board which is updated with new modeling jobs as they come in. Keep an eye on it and see what jobs you think you’d be suitable for. Follow Models Direct on Tumblr for updates, photos and news and also watch the video below. If you have questions, always feel free to message Models Direct on our Facebook page and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Fashion Modelling Jobs

Models Direct: About Fashion Modelling

There are so many niches of modelling now that it’s sometimes hard to keep track. The team here at Models Direct often have new requests for such specific niches that even we had never heard of! Fashion modelling is doubtlessly the biggest segment of the modelling business. With thousands of new designs being pumped out of fashion houses every month, the need for models is always present. Fashion models are mostly recruited by modeling scouts around the world who are in a never-ending search for new faces and new blood to bring into the fashion business. If you want to be a high fashion model you must fit the very basic requirements of height and size though so don’t line yourself up for disappointment by not checking if you are suitable before investing your time, energy and resources.

Beautiful joyful teen girl with freckles and yellow makeup

Commercial fashion modelling on the other hand is far broader and better represents the norms of society. If you are applying to agencies with photos taken by your friends or family, you should make sure that they are simple and natural. Don’t over do your make up as the viewer won’t be able to see your actual features as clearly, and maybe the model they’re looking for is required for a shoot with little to no make up! Some models, particularly the young, plaster themselves with make up before having their portfolio done and are surprised to find out that a more natural look is generally preferred. Another thing you have to do is look out for a reliable agency. The team here at Models Direct have noticed that many people look at 3 or 4 agencies before making a decision. If you want to know more about us and find out how we have made it through 25 years in this business, watch the Models Direct video below this post. If you like, message us on the Models Direct Facebook page and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.


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